1) I've installed Webviewer successfully, and can access some sites on ATT WS. However, can't access secure servers like AOL and myYahoo, as it says login can't be accepted without secure access. However, I can access AOLmail through mMode, so either any access to AOL coming through ATTWS servers is accepted via "trusted authentication" or ATT disables/hides SSL on the 6820, or it's something built into the mMode software, or....my sense is that access to mail on AOL through mMode is really shadow access, as I can see the mail but can't manage it, or I need to change some settings. Any comments and help appreciated! Will a more robust browser like Opera work? The MSIE version on Webviewer causes a lot of sites to send error messages back, and blank sites.

2) How can I upload images and video from the phone? I have PCSuite 5.65 working and can easily establish IR link to phone, and have up- and down-loaded contacts, and obviously from above, certain scripts (I did it via computer as ATTWS wouldn't seem to let the scripts through SMS - hhhmmmm). Thanks again.