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    Emergent Question

    Dear Expert,

    Firstly, thanx for spending time reading.

    I'm sorry 'realone player' in my mobile Nokia 6600 can't play live time movie while some others using the same models can.

    I once called the market sales and they make sure that, live streaming service is available in China now(in fact it does), and it supports 3G style's live 3gp format.

    I wonder if there is something wrong with the mobile or just the realone player's problem. IN FACT, I checked the product specification of the mobile, and it VIVIDLY says it supports LIVE streaming 3gp file!

    All I need is your reply to make sure whether there is some problem with the mobile, if no, I will definitely resort to law to retrieve my rights from the mobile sales--It should be in a week.

    Great Appreciation with your help to answer this question.

    BTW, what other NOKIA phone containing Mobile Real Player can play live 3gp? If it's availble in China, I will consider it.

    Thanx very much. And devoutly waiting for your reply.

    Best regards,

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    Yes, Nokia 6600 is able to stream 3gp content from the compliant servers. It seems that you have problem with the streaming settings. Have you consulted your service provider about this? You could also post your software version of your phone here. You can get it typing *#0000# in the idle state.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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    Streaming video in N6600

    Maybe it's simply the size of video you're trying to watch.
    I recall old times with real player as you only got the sound coming trough becaus eyou where on a slow modem.
    Try this swedish weather video.
    It works but you only get the sound.
    But if you open the same one on your computer, you get the current weather with picture...
    Also, don't forget your Cellphone provider (mine is Telia) most certanly will limit your connection speed.
    When playing the clip I suggested above, press pause, and check "Options/Clip info".
    There you will find your connection speed.
    N6600 is capable of some 40 kbps, but my provider puts the brakes on at 4kbps... There's GPRS for you...
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