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    Steps to create SIS. How create .pkg file for petran?


    I want to create a SIS File (ARMI UREL) with Codewarrior IDE (Codewarrior for Symbian OS Professional 2.5) and changed the Post-linker settings (ALT-F7) to "Symbian Installer". After "Compile" and "Make" I expected the SIS in the local directory, but nowhere is a SIS, I've checked the whole disk. There is only have a .APP File. What's wrong?

    Now I used following command line tools ...

    set EPOCROOT=\Symbian\Series60_CW\
    devices -setdefault @Series60_CW:com.Nokia.Series60_CW
    perl c:\symbian\Series60_CW\epoc32\tools\bldmake.pl bldfiles
    perl -S c:\symbian\Series60_CW\epoc32\tools\abld.pl \METROWERKS\MYPROJECT\ build armi urel

    but I don't know how to create the .pkg File which is needed for the next step (petran).

    Can someone help?


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    You need to create a .pkg file whether you're using CodeWarrior or the command line. There are several examples that have .pkg files in the series60ex directory (look in the \sis directory of an example). You can then just add that file to your project and it will create the .sis file for you.

    You mentioned you needed the .pkg file for petran, but I wanted to point out that makesis is the consumer of .pkg files. Petran is a PECoff to E32Image format converter than transforms all binaries into the Symbian OS expected format.

    I hope this helps.


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