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    Nokia Series 40 and 60 Internal Modem


    I need to build an application for series 40 or series 60 phones.
    This application must connect to a device using nokia internal modem and make data acquisition from device.
    Data must be stored on the phone, displayed on the screen and uploaded to pc.

    I need to know if series 40 and series 60 support modem connection (AT commands).
    If AT commands are not supported what types of connection ca I use for remote access data? (the device is not connected to the internet)

    For series 40 I found JavaMe MIDP1.0 JDK and for series 60 I found Symbian C++ SDK 2.0.

    Do I need others tools for implement this application?

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    There is no way to do this from Java MIDP suites. They are quite limited in connectivity.

    You'll have to use Symbian for Series 60 and, probably, forget about this for Series 40

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