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Thread: MMS to PC

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    MMS to PC

    hi all,
    i'm new here, i wonder is there is way to send MMS from mobile phone to Server ? if anyone of you know, and has open source in Java, pls let me know ... perhaps i can test out.

    Second Question: i have a gsm, i wonder this modem able to send MMS to Server? it is using "AT command" as well? pls advise!!!!
    Thanks in advance.
    If my question asked before, pls kindly gimme the thread id.
    Best Regards

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    Read some of the material we've provided on this site. "How to Create MMS Services", and "Getting Started with MMS Tools" come to mind.

    Try ncsp.forum.nokia.com/content, then go to MMS.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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