Is 7650 emulator capable of connecting to LAN via NT RAS null modem setup? If yes, then how? What are the steps/tools required to achieve this?
I have (like many others who have done this before and some who have already vented their frustrations) spent quite a few days searching available documents and discussion boards for an answer. But I am yet to come across any authoritative document on this issue. It is very surprising that such important issues aren't dealt with properly in accompanying documentation. The version 0.3 SDK documentation in the topic "How to configure comms settings" has following concluding paragraph:
"Developers will therefore need to disable the monitoring functionality, and replace the default CommDb with one purpose built to support RAS. Source code, build files, and further information are available for free download from the Symbian Developer Network, from the Networking topic in the C++ Knowledge Base at"

After many hours of search I did get hold of a documentation realted to this. It says the monitoring stuff could be shutdown using "phone_on_off" tool. I have managed to get the sis file, which packages this tool from Symbian dev net. But the tool wouldn't install on 7650 emulator.. throws "not found" exception. Symbian dev net says I should contact forum Nokia for this as it is Series 60 related problem.
I have seen many unanswered queries on this board. There are only two scenarios where so many queries related to a single issue could be left unanswered. Either the solution is so trivial that it does not merit a discussion or the the emulator is really incapable of such a set up. Before I should assume that 7650 emulator has done away with a feature, so important for developers and which Symbian provided, I would like to hear from horse's mouth. I beg Nokia guys to come out of slumber and provide a solution to this issue and put an end to frustration of so many developers.
Thanks and regards,
Anant Akinchan.