I am developing a Java Midlet to play .3gp content encoded as H.263 on my Nokia 6230. MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.

The Midlet works just fine with the emulator realsed by Nokia for this phone, but the part playing the media content won't run on the phone. I think the problem is realted to the media formats supported on the phone. The error message is like: "Could not create a player.."

My questions are:

Is it possible to play/stream this content through the Java platform on this device?

Is the media format (H.263/.3gp)supported?
If not, will this be included in an update for this phone?

I would be very thankful to get a response to this posting, as the documentation of the phone says the functionality I request is supported. This was also the background for buying this EXPENSIVE phone.

Best regards