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    MIDP on Communicator


    Will MIDP/CLDC be implemented on Communicator or another of the large screen phones available in America ? I keep reading press releases of Nokia moving from Personal Java to J2ME but have not seen it happen.

    I know there's a Beta for the Communicator on the Forum but no Emulator to develop and test with, and no General Release on the phone to deploy a real product to.

    Could you please confirm what the state of the matter is ?


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    RE: MIDP on Communicator


    The future for Personal Java is Foundation Profile (see java.sun.com)
    The reason you see MIDP on the Communicator is because MIDP is the lowest common denominator, you can scale up but not down better with Java. My guess is you will be able to deploy both Foundation and MIDP,
    you may have to include MIDP Classes. I don't think you will have a long term answer for this anytime soon.

    Thank You

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