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    Java capabilities

    HELP. As a new developer, where can I find a definitive list of JAVA capabilities of each API/phone - i.e. what can be achieved with each different model and API?

    I have already seen that the 3410 is the only phone to support the SMS API, but I am interested in other advanced features, like voice activated dialling.

    Can anyone help or point me to documentation please?

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    RE: Java capabilities


    There is a SMS API and NOKIA UI API documentation in a www.forum.nokia.com under java section -> documents.

    Currently voice activated dialling by using MIDP is not possible.

    Nokia has launched 5 MIDP Java technology supporting phones.In addition to standard MIDP implementation, the Nokia has defined API extensions that enhance the developer's capability of delivering good applications for Nokia devices. The following features are implemented in the Nokia UI API:

    1. Low level access to image pixeldata
    2. Transparency support
    3. Full screen drawing
    4. Sound
    5. Vibration and device lights control

    6310i NOKIA UI API
    6610 NOKIA UI API
    7210 NOKIA UI API
    7650 NOKIA UI API, not vibra and no back lights control supported

    I hope this will help you

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