Hi all,
Is there any why to programmatically make VOICE and DATA call (Dialup connection) simultaneously on the Nokia phone connected to the USB.
I made voice call on the phone connected to the USB port by opening the port using CreateFile() API of Win32 and sending the AT commands to the device using WriteFile() API..
I made data call to the connected phone using RAS APIs.
But with this aproach I can either make a VOICE call or DATA call at any point of time. Since once the port is open by RAS API for DATA call. CreateFile will fail to open the port and vise versa.
Is there any other way to make the DATA call and VOICE call active at the same time. I am sure that the phone supports this in 3G network. I have tested this in the 3G network by making a dialup and when the dialup is established I made a voice call by dialing the number in the keypad.
I want to do the same programmatically.
Any pointer regarding How it can be done or where to look for this. would be of much help to me.