Hi all,
I am new to symbian programming. I was trying to use the camera plugin feature using the sample Camera snapshot given with the plug in. I changed the code ini AppUI class ,wher i put all the camera related statements into one user event rather than giving multiple steps to take a snapshot
So the statement I have is like the following .

TRAP(err, iCamera->Reserve());
ErrorNotifyL(_L("Reserve err: "), err, EFalse);



TRAP(err, iCamera->CaptureImage());
ErrorNotifyL(_L("Image capture err: "), err, EFalse);

SaveCapturedImageL ();
But when I do this , at camera power on , it gives error saying , not ready. Basically Even when I put a long loop between the reserver and power on which takes more time than that takes when i manually press the button to select the 2 options in the original example. not sure whether there are any asynchronous call related to these two method that does not work when i put a loop.
Can any one pls suggest me what is wrong in this?
thanks in advance,