I am developing a Java MIDlet application using J2ME & MIDP 2.0. When my application tries to send an sms message, the phone (I am assuming the symbian OS) asks that: MIDlet trying to send sms with a yes/no answers. If I answered no, I get a Memory Full Error and the application freezes and I have to restart the phone to release the application. This error does not occur on the J2ME emulator.

I tried to go to the App. Manager then select my application and went to Settings, then selected the Messaging Tab. I noticed that there is only two options: 1- Not allowed, 2- Ask every time. But in the help info on the phone it mentioned there should be two more options: 3- Ask one time only, 4- Not ask at all. Those extra two options are available in the emulator, but not in the phone Java application settings. I am wondering if this is related to the problem I am facing (Memory Full & App. Freeze)

I installed my application in the 32MB memory card which have 10MB free and the program is only 36KB and when I ran the memory monitor in the J2ME emulator the memory usage did not go higher than 160KB, so there is memory available. I tried everything I know. Please if anyone knows this issue please help me.

Thanks a lot,