I have the following problem. I know this has been beaten like a million time but i have tried everything here but nothing seems to work. What i would like to do is first get all the numeric fields and then set the icons according to whether they are mobile or home or whatever. The two problems that i face is that first i get the email included no matter what i do. And Secon is that i can't find the right statement to make sure that it is a mobile or a normal phone or fax. Here is my code if someone can please help me i would be grateful.

for (TInt i=0;i<=FieldCount;i++)
const CContentType& type = ContactEngine->FieldsInfo()[i]->ContentType();
if (type.ContainsFieldType(KUidContactFieldPhoneNumber ) )
{//I check if it is a number field and so far the email section is included in this
if (CI->PbkFieldAt(i).PbkFieldText().Length())
{//make sure it is not empty
HBufC* temp=HBufC::New(CI->PbkFieldAt(i).PbkFieldText().Length()+5);
TPtr entry=temp->Des();
if( type.ContainsFieldType(KUidContactFieldSms) )//checking if mobile i have tried everything here KUidContactFieldVCardMapCELL KUidContactFieldVCardMapMSG
delete temp;