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    Alphanumeric Originating Address in CIMD2


    I tried to send SMS by CIMD2 using the parameter 027 (alphanumeric originating address), but the SMSC respond with the following message:

    900:321 901:Incorrect alpha originator address usage

    The parameter value is the same of ASE subscriber? or could be other?

    The parameter value has to be between ", i menas, e.g "test"?, or just test?

    Am I using wrong the parameter?

    The idea is personalize the SMS with differents originators but with just one CIMD2 client, but using STRINGs instead of numbers.

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    Have you ever had an answer to your question? I'm on the same way and get exactly the same error...

    Did you come to the following questions:

    * The CIMD2 spec doesn't tell whether "Originating address" and "Alphanumeric originating address" are mutually exlusive, is it?

    * Is it possible that the operator has disabled the use of such parameter?

    * Any format specific issue not indicated in the CIMD2 Spec ?

    Thanks a lot,

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