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    Does Nokia 6600 support Streaming over TCP with RTP Data Interleaved over RTSP

    Does the Nokia 6600 support streaming video through TCP (interleaved RTP data in RTSP)?

    I don't see the phone trying to send 'rtp/tcp' as an option in SETUP. It always uses UDP.

    Appreciate any input on this.

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    Streaming video in N6600

    In one of the document that you can download from this site it's described that the N6600 does not support live streaming from http sites. Only rtp sites. I think you find the document under "Documentation/Device specification/N6600..."
    I.e Real networks sites...
    Ive tested, and found out that a BIG problem is the speed your network provider allow you to use is to slow for video, so all you get is sound.
    This sux
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