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    number of connections II


    after looking through some further documentation, I have another question about trying to get a slave device to attach to more than one master device....

    Is it possible that there may be an issue with UUID's ..?? for example:
    The first slave advertises the application with UUID1

    A master connects to the slave based on UUID1

    Can the slave then re-advertise the application (to allow another master to discover and connect to it) with the SAME UUID as before (in this case re-advertise the application based on UUID1) ?

    hope someone can answer this...



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    The current Nokia phones do not support scatternet, so this question is not relevant at the moment.

    The master can connect to multiple slaves advertising with the same UUID, so in that sense it would make sense to be that way also on the slave side (= to allow multiple masters to connect to the same application), given the scatternet would be supported. I suppose this should be mentioned in the Bluetooth spec (I haven't checked it).

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