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    Using the M2M Development Kit with RS232-Null-Modem-Cable

    I bought the "M2M Application Development Kit". For developing
    the terminal application I get high phone bills using the two Nokia 30 GSM. Instead of using GSM I would like to start with the Win32 Sample Applications an connect them directly to the Gateway using a
    RS232-Null-Modem-Cable or even better IIOP.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    RE: Using the M2M Development Kit with RS232-Null-Modem-Cable

    The sample applications use the "Nokia ORB". It includes C libraries with CORBA support and the M2M System Protocol support on RS-232 interface. They communicate with the Nokia GSM Connectivity Terminal software on the M2M System Connector, using the DAU-13 M2M System Adapter.

    The M2M Gateway Trial Version communicates with AT commands through an RS-232 port. It expects to see a fairly standard GSM modem, answering and making calls.

    You can see, that a null modem cable connecting the two would be extremely big change to what both parties expect. It is outright impossible in practice.

    On the other hand, using IIOP sounds doable. Get a C/CORBA implementation, that supports IIOP. Any standard C/CORBA for Win32 should, although the Nokia C ORB does not, because it is strictly for an embedded device linked to the Terminal with M2M System Protocol only.

    VisiBroker should have a C++ version available. Develop your applications using TCP/IP (=IIOP) CORBA calls, in one machine or in any TCP/IP connected machines. They should be portable to the Nokia ORB with very little change, because the application code does not depend much of the transport protocols. The basic difference in code is, that the embedded device Nokia C ORB replaces the remote "naming_service_resolve(...)" with local "string_to_object(...)" which you should change with IIOP addressing.

    Note that you can't access the Terminal internal CORBA objects, unless you use a M2M System Protocol supporting CORBA implementation, like the Nokia C ORB, which on the other hand does not support TCP/IP. I guess you could take the ADK included source of the M2M System Protocol libraries and compile them in another environment.

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