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Thread: Nokia12 GPS

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    Nokia12 GPS

    I would like to test my app on developer board. App is using GPS and I would like to simulate GPS signal on the PC and send it over to N12 via serial line.

    GPS is configured as GPGGA and GPRMC gps @4800 bps. I am generatig messages each second like this:


    However this is not working. When I connect 'real' GPS it works. Does N12 GPS module depends on some other NMEA sentences?

    I really need simulator, because using 'real' gps in the office is not much.


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    Why would you like to use PC for simulation, if it works fine with real GPS device? Isn't it better way to test application if it works with GPS?

    Is't there simulation mode in your GPS?


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    Testing GPS - PC

    I tried test Nokia12 together but it failed.
    I put the GPS in Nokia 12, and the Nokia 12 on the serial of computer.
    In Concept Simulator, the IMlet SerialReader tried read
    co-ordinated of the GPS but it failed.
    Anyone knows how I can do it?

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