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    how to share data between two views?

    i need one view to use data of another view.If i put the data in CmyAppUi.how to access it in view?

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    CAknView class has AppUi() method. Call it and mace cast type to your appui class derived from CAknViewAppUi:




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    In addition to answer above:

    You can dynamically get the AppUi class of your application is using CEikonEnv function AppUi(). Cast return value to your specific AppUi-type, and you are ready to access functions in your AppUi-class. See CEikonEnv and CCoeEnv-class documentation in SDK help.

    More straightforward way is to store a pointer (or reference for that matter) to your AppUi-class as a member variable and set that in your container/view/whatever class constructor like this:

    Appui ConstructL code:
    iMyView = new CMyView(<other arguments> ,this);

    CMyView::CMyView(<other arguments, const CMyAppUi* aAppUi):

    Remember that you must never delete AppUI handle in your view class (you don't "own" it and in any case framework handles deletion of AppUi objects).
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