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    CEikProgressInfo & PANIC when setting wrong width and final val

    Has anyone else noticed that there are specific values that you can set as the width and final value of CEikProgressInfo control, without making it to Panic? I'm running S60 v2.0 SDK and create the control with the following code:

    CEikProgressInfo::SInfo info;
    info.iHeight = KProgressBarHeight; //10
    info.iSplitsInBlock = KProgressBarSplitsInBlock; //0
    info.iTextType = EEikProgressTextNone;

    //width 114, final val 50 -> does not panic
    //width 120, final val 30 -> does not panic
    //width 150, final val 50 -> PANIC!
    //width 119, final val 60 -> PANIC!
    info.iWidth = 150;
    info.iFinalValue = 50;
    iPBar = new( ELeave ) CEikProgressInfo( info );
    iPBar->ConstructL(); //THIS PANICS WITH EIKCTL 25!!

    Does anyone know, if there is some rule how the width and final values should be set without making the control to Panic??

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    If the width is not 114 or 120, a panic will occur. As for final value, there is no restriction.
    I looked it up from the source code and found that the checking for the width was there. There might be a reason for puting the check there but Im not really sure what is the reason.

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    Re: CEikProgressInfo & PANIC when setting wrong width and final val

    Hi folks

    I experience severe problems when I try to use CEikProgressInfo

    My programme doesent crash, but no ProgressBar is ever shown.

    The app is displaying some arrays in a compund control. When one event is sent to an exe (service running in background in another thread) I want a progress bar to show, and I know how long the exe will run until completion, so I will just divide that time in - say 10 bits, and call IncrementAndDraw on my progressbar.

    CountComponents and ComponentControl are behaving correct ( I believe )

    But - no progressbar is ever shown.

    Greateful for any comments and suggestions


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