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    Drawing in/over CEikEdwin

    Is it in anyway possible to draw lines (e.g. a box) in or over
    an edit control?
    Currently the editor control always has focus so anything
    else that is rendered is hidden by the CEikEdwin box.

    What I am actually trying to do is display custom squares
    in an edit control so it is seen on top of any text that is
    already there.



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    It should be possible using MFormCustomDraw class.

    From SDK help:

    virtual void DrawLineGraphics(const TParam& aParam,const TLineInfo& aLineInfo) const;
    This function is called after the background has been drawn by DrawBackground(), and before drawing the text. This function might be used to draw a ruled line under each line of text.

    The default implementation of this function does nothing.

    But to be honest, I've never been able to make it work..:-(
    If someone has working example, it will be highly appreciated.

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