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    Nokia SDK 1.3 MMS libraries full of function prototypes?

    How can I use this library when the functions are not even implemented? It's all full of function prototypes that do nothing.

    For example, the DriverFactory class has a createMMS() that is suppose to return an MMSMessage, but it does not even have anything in the function body. And you can not instantiate the MMSMessage class since it is abstract, so how the hell is this library going to work?

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    Re: Nokia SDK 1.3 MMS libraries full of function prototypes?


    i wana develop MMS application...

    Just connect Mobile handset N70 to PC via Cable / BT.
    MMS sending via PC thru an application.

    Please guide me from where i can start...

    i know abt GSM & MMS technologies. Studied various Whitepapers..

    but confused from where to start developing an application.

    Puneet Bansal

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