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Thread: 3gp on 3660

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    3gp on 3660


    I am trying to get this working so my students can think about developing media for mobiles.

    Anyway, I created a 3gp video using quicktime and ftped here:


    It does not display on the 3660 and I get no error messages but it's accessing the html page OK. Is quicktime supported?

    another thing: Quicktime automatically saved the 3gp movie to a specific file size which is not optimum for the 3660. How should I get around this.

    finally, I attempted o download your guide "Video and Streaming Content Creation Guide" and I could not locate it.


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    I don't know if you tried to embed the video to the html-site, since it's not supported in the 3660. You can put a link pointing to the videoclip to the html-site. And then you have to have the correct MIME type specified on your serverside. For 3gp-video it's video/3gpp.

    I haven't used Quiqtime for creating 3gp-files, so I don't know much about it. We have also Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 availabe, which can also be used to create 3gp-files.

    Video and Streaming Content Creation Guide can be downloaded from here.

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