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    how to INSERT data in an ARRAY in ARBITRARY order??

    Dear all

    I want to declare an array with 3000 elements, ,and then add data to the array in arbitrary order

    I have tried the following

    CArrayPtrFlat<CResData)* iArray;
    iArray = new (ELeave) CArrayPtrFlat<CResData> (3000);

    then i tried to use a for loop to add data

    for(TInt i=0; i<size; i++) // size is supposed to be smaller than 3K
    id = GetId();
    iArray->InsertL(id, data);

    I know that InsertL cannot perform what i want because i cannot insert to a position GREATER than the number of elements in the array

    So how to achieve the arbbitrary insertion??

    thx a lot

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    Please be noted that:

    iArray = new (ELeave) CArrayPtrFlat<CResData> (3000);

    "3000" is the granularity for the array, and it is not the actual size for the array. In fact, you can use it beyond 3000.

    Hope this helps!

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