I've gone through the process of signing a Midlet in an attempt to make it trusted and now have a JAD file that contains the certificate entry and signature entry. However when loading the Midlet on devices it fails the installation, stating security or authorization failure.

In brief here are the steps taken.

1. Use J2SE keytool to generate a key pair.
2. Use J2SE keytool to create a CSR
3. Send CSR to VeriSign for Certificate generation
4. Use J2SE keytool to import certificate purchased from VeriSign
5. Import the J2SE keystore (the based on Alias used in J2SE) into the WTK.
6. Use WTK JADTool to add certificate to JAD file
7. Use WTK JADTool to generate a signature and add it to the JAD file.

A. What type of certificate must be requested from VeriSign? They have code signing certifcates, server certificates etc.

B. What key algorithm must be used during step 1 above for generating a key pair?

C. Is it necessary to import the J2SE keystore into the WTK if using the JADTool command line to do the signing?

D. After step 5 above attempting to sign the Midlet from within the WTK gui resulted in nothing being added to the JAD file but also no error message of any kind. Any idea why this would happen?

E. When using the JADTool in steps 6 and 7 above I referenced the J2SE keystore with the command line options. Is this correct or must it reference the WTK keystore?

JDK and WTK 2.1 used.

Thank You
Ken Carlino