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    Hello, does anybody know if exists any kind of bug or problem using Hbufc on the phone (nokia 7650 )?

    I use them in the emulator and everything goes right, but when i run the app on the phone, it crashes with panic USER 22, wich says this:

    This panic is raised when the position value passed to an 8 bit variant descriptor member function is out of bounds. It may be raised by the Left(), Right(), Mid(), Insert(), Delete() and Replace() descriptor member functions.

    I know wich function generates the panic, and i know that this ocurrs with method delete, but i really don't understand why crashes the phone and no the emulator.


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    it's most likely not a bug in HBufC, but in your app. The phone environment is quite different with emulator, so there could be some differences in behavious sometimes.

    anyway, just try tracking all actions you do the the bffer and the content of it after each action, and then just figure where you go wrong.


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