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    3410 3d screensavers


    i am trying to set up a downlaod area for 3d animated screensavers. I have created a test animtion and published it through the nokia content publisher toolkit. I have upload the .mm file to our webserver and added the releavnt mime type. However when i access the page and click through to preview my animation it gives me a "file format unknown" error. Can give me some direction on where i am goign wrong. In the documentation it states the service should check the wsp header to determine if the .mm file is supported. Could anyone provide me with some tips on how this achieved.

    thank very much in advance

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    RE: 3410 3d screensavers


    Just to make sure that you have correct MIME types assigned. So, on the server side you should have application/x-mrm-text MIME with *.mm extension. MIME type for 3D-content included in the mm-package should be image/vnd.nok-3dscreensaver and extension *.n3a.

    Check these and let me if it works.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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