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    Help compiling example apps for 9200 SDK!!!


    I just got my 9290 a week ago. I cant find as many applications as
    I would like, and being a programmer I thought I would just look into
    creating my own :-) I have gotten stuck with getting the examples to
    compile for my device.

    I have VC++ 6.0 installed with Visual Studio service pack 5.
    I downloaded the newest SDK off the website and installed it.

    For example, i wanted to do the treasure app:
    I go into C:\Symbian\6.0\NokiaCPP\NokiaEx\treasure\gui\group
    I run bldmake bldfiles (works)
    I run albd build wins (works)
    I run 'albd freeze wins' and 'abld build wins' just to be safe cause im not
    sure (works)
    I go into
    I start up the VC++ and execute it with EPOC (works)

    So the whole emulator prcess has worked for me.

    So now i want to make this for my 9290 and put the program on there.
    I run 'albd build armi' and I get a nmake fatal err:
    NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
    make.exe"' : return code '0x2'

    So I try the 'abld freeze armi' (no errors)
    Then I do the 'abld build armi' and I get the same nmake error.
    What is going wrong here?

    I go into
    UI\GROUP\TREASURE\ARMI and there is a TREASURE.armi file. I dont know if
    this is relevant or not.

    Also, what files would be there if it had made correctly? Would there be a
    .sis for me to just click on? I could not find in the documentation how to
    install the app :-)

    THANKS !


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    RE: Help compiling example apps for 9200 SDK!!!

    Just an update. I put the EDLL.LIB from the UREL directory which was full of a million LIBs into the UDEB directory.

    Now the abld build armi works with no errors.
    Now i have files in my epoc32\release\armi\udeb directory like trasure.app treasure.rsc edll.lib.

    How do i isntall these files onto my 9290 now? and which files do i install.

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    RE: Help compiling example apps for 9200 SDK!!!


    To install your application you have to make .sis file. Then you should be able just to click the file and install. To make a .sis file, you have to have .pkg file where you specify files to be installed. Then you run 'makesis' command with a .pkg file as a parameter. At least you have to install .app and .rsc files. Read more from the SDK Help "Application Installation Guide".

    Best Regards,
    Marko / Forum Nokia

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