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    can my midlet turn off the sound of my phone?

    I would like to make my midlet turn off the ringing sound of the phone when it starts - and turn it on again when it closes. Can you do that? Or perhaps the midlet can let you choose the phone's profile before it goes on? By the way - this is my first time making a midlet.

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    RE: can my midlet turn off the sound of my phone?

    Hello Malin,

    Unfortunately MIDP is quite limited in regard of what it can do with the phone (re: Java sandbox model). Access to phone profiles (General, Silent, ...) is not available. The only sound you can control using Nokia UI API is the "game sound".

    Moreover, the basic functionality of the MIDlets takes into account the possibility of a phone call interrupting the MIDlet. Thus it's ok to take a call while using a MIDlet.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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