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    Maximum Frames Per Second

    What is a realisitic amount of actual frames per second that you can achieve with video on Nokia cell phones? Can it do 30fps on well encoded material? Or does it always end up about 3fps?

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    Depending of the device upto 15 fps.
    There's also document about this issue available at FN website.

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    Re: Maximum Frames Per Second

    Information supplied by Nokia has conflicting information???

    I hope someone could clarify which is correct?


    The above doc states that;

    " S60 Platform 1st Ed - Nokia Video Player
    Maximum bit stream for video clips has been set to 64 Kbit/s. With H.263 codec, such a bit stream can be utilized to process 10 to 15 frames per second, depending on the content and encoding tools involved in content authoring."

    While this page shows that S60 Platform 1st Ed is only 10 fps?

    Which one am I to believe? Could Nokia update or correct information so that they match?

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