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    Wap Push Gprs Charging

    Hi folks,

    Can anyone please let me know charging (billing architecture) for a wap push download. Instead of using MMSC (Wap server) if a wap push (link for downloading say a ringtone) is sent to a mobile bearer sms. Then how will the operator charge for this downloading ringtone via bearer GPRS.

    Usually the billing model is ==> CASE A + CASE B:

    CASE A: flat rate (for ringtone)
    CASE B: flat rate (monthly gprs connection charge).

    That is operator being kind enough about infinite usage of GPRS but only 1 fixed amount of flat charging for gprs access.

    But how is this download of ringtone charged realtime. Apart from traditional billing of GPRS packet switched data (CASE B), how is CASE A achieved.

    I would be highly thankful if anyone could atleast gimme a hint.

    PS: I didn't where to post, i hope i am in rite discussion forum, if not please direct me.


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    Usually rhen operator offers a ring tone service, wap push message is sent to the user. This Push message includes a URL for the content (ring tone). This is URL is disposable eg. can be used only ones.

    If you store your own tones at your own WEB server you can send WAP Push messages pointing to your content. There is no way to do charging. Only solution would be an agreement with the operator you are targeting your services.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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