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    Mail Index folders corruptable?

    2 questions..

    1) Does Sendo,Siemens and other S60 supporting
    manufacturers have the same mail folder indexing setup
    as that used by Nokia?

    2)Is it save to create a new folder in the C:\System\Mail\Folder?
    If the mail folder indexing scheme does some kind of enumeration
    of all folders in the \Mail folder then that might corrupt
    my mail, but that's just a paranoid guess.

    I have created a sub folder in \Mail with FExplorer
    and it seems to be ok, but I just want to be sure that I'm not
    stomping where I shouldn't be.



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    Not really expert on this issue, but I think you should try finding functions from the mailbox handling classes that could construct folders. I quite sure that some part could in some point get very upset if you just make the changes into the mail folder with explorer.

    BTW, I saw that you were making a new messaging system thing. I managed to overhear last week that there will be a MTM example coming soon, so maybe you want to make your project ready for it, since it would be propably the best way of constructing new messaging systems.


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    1) All of these devices use Symbian messaging and therefore all use the same scheme for managing the message store found in "\system\mail\".

    2) No it is probably not safe to 'stomp' around in the message store - although I doubt it'll cause a crash. Make use of the messaging APIs to create entries in the message store.

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    Thanks guyz.

    Any idea if the Message Type Module
    you overheard was an addition to the existing MTMs
    (SMS, MultiMed, email) or just another example of the existing
    ones? There are already examples of the existing MTM's
    on the nokia forum so it will be intresting to see what
    the new example demonstrates.

    At first glance I can see the members of CMsvStore
    which looks promising. However, I'm not sure if I have control
    over the folder name that get created. I really want to
    create a 'named' folder, instead of '0001001_S'.

    I'll have to dig around a little to see what the class can/can't do.

    >No it is probably not safe to 'stomp' around in the message
    >store - although I doubt it'll cause a crash.

    Interesting. The question is whether or not everything inside
    \System\Mail\ is considered to be the 'store' or whether it is just
    the filenames in that folder that the 'index' file is interested in.

    If the latter is true that would imply that any additional
    files/folders inside \Mail would simply be ignored.
    But again, that's just guess work.

    My device hasn't misbehaved since I created a folder called
    'testdir', but for all I know, it could be a sleeping timebomb!


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    Hi parisn

    >>I really want to
    create a 'named' folder, instead of '0001001_S'.

    The message server is responsible for creating these folders (and subfolders). These are created automatically in a manner which optimizes file server performance.

    For each entry in the message store, there is a matching entry in the index file which may be accessed using CMsvSession/CMsvEntry/TMsvEntry. Each entry may in turn access an associated stream store where the entry's owning MTM may store message body data and so on. The MTM may create multiple streams associated with the same entry within the same store. This entry may then also have children in the form of attachments, which then are created as new entries with the former entry as the parent.

    I suppose it comes down to what it is that you want to do and whether or not its achievable using the mechanisms available in the message server.


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    can some one here please tell me what do i do to download complete email message , using pop mtm , what place shall i do the settings , i mean what class to use and what method and arguments to it .
    please if some can give me any idea .

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