Hi I'm trying to create a multiple selection listbox, preferably as a dialog. I am trying to use the existing CAknListQueryDialog with the flags for multiple selection. I works just fine with the data passed to it in the array-id flag . I need though to create this array dynamicaly from the program and not read it from a resource file. I noticed that the class has
SetItemTextArray (MDesCArray *aItemTextArray)
public method but i get some error when trying to set this array to an array created by me. If anybody has managed to get this to work pls answer me. I could do a dialog that does this, but since it's already there i thought of using this one. My guess is that either the format of the descriptors is wrong (I tried the same format as described in the resource array "1\tsdasdasd") or there is some flag or something I'm forgeting. Maybe I'm supposed to do something else before setting the descriptor array.