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    Icon causes system error on 3650 app


    I have an application for the 3650 and have created an aif file to display my own icons for the two different sizes. When I run the app in the emulator my custom icons appear in the main menu and the menu bar at the top of the app and the app works fine.

    The problem arises when I transfer the app to the phone. The icons appear fine, but when i run the app it crashes saying "Sytem Error". I have rebuilt the app without the icons and it runs fine on the phone.

    Has anybody came acrross this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many Thanx

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    Hmm really weird behaviour. Could you send your aif definition file, the line which defines icons [from mmp file] and icons graphic files to me ? I can try to elaborate what happen there.

    You can use e-mail provided in this board.

    BTW: Do you have two or more SDK's installed in your machine ?

    Br V.

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