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    CMdaImageDescToBitmapUtility errors, Byte Ordering


    I tried using CMdaImageDescToBitmapUtility... I got a bitmap data from a a Windows PC on a bluetooth connection...

    Now when i got the descriptor from the streamt i call it "iBuffer"..

    WHen i called iUtility->OpenL(iBuffer) it returned with a KErrNotSupported (-5)..

    when i called another version of
    iUtility->OpenL(iBuffer, bitmapClipFormat, bitmap8bppCodec),
    it returns now with a KErrUnderFlow(-10)..

    I got the whole data in iBuffer since i compared the size of the data that was sent on the network and the buffer i received it was the same..

    Also i resent the buffer back to the Windows PC and it displayed the bitmap correctly, no errors..

    Does Byte-Ordering matters in this situation?

    Any thoughts this?

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    the OpenL() function checks the file type automatically, so if it says KErrNotSupported, it propably means that you are using a format that is not supported.

    Try an another image format, might solve your peoblem.


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    Yes, apparently byte ordering doesn't matter in my case as i already got this to work..

    the header of OpenL function:
    OpenL(TDesc8 &, TMdaClipFormat* = NULL, TMdaPackage* = NULL, TMdaPackage = NULL*);

    as you can see the 2nd-4th parameters were optional...

    i just supplied the a value for the last parameter...

    Now the problem is, i just tested this with a bitmap that is just small, like (5K)... and i used a TBuf<5000> iBuffer as value for TDesC8...

    Now since the size of the bitmap i receive is varying, i don't want to use a TBuf variable since it is static... i tried using TPtr from HBufC.. but i'm getting errors...

    Any thoughts on this matter :)

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