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    Send in PDU Mode using AT commands

    Can someone shred some lights on that topic please. The examples in the SMS FAQs shows it pretty clear in text mode but when it comes to PDU mode I don't understand it at all.

    Where do I insert the Receiver number and how do I convert from decimal/hex to octets?

    If possible could I get a working sample in VB?

    Thank you much.

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    RE: Send in PDU Mode using AT commands

    Here is an example in PDU mode:
    AT+CMGF=0 set SMS PDU mode on
    AT+CNMI=1,2 forward received SMS-DELIVERs to TE
    AT+CMGS=29 length of the SMS PDU

    +CMGS: 212 message reference is shown


    +CMT: ,34

    Explanation of the PDU:
    07 91 address length: 7, type of address is international using ISDN telephone numbering plan
    53 58 80 77 01 01 SC address: 358508771010
    01 SMS-SUBMIT, do not reject duplicates in SC, validity period not present, no status report request, no header in user data, reply path not set
    00 TP message reference, given by the phone
    0A A1 address length: 10, type of address is national using ISDN telephone numbering plan
    50 50 82 82 42 destination address: 0505282824
    00 00 protocol identifier: straightforward, data coding scheme: default class, 7 bit message
    11 54 74 7A 0E 4A CF 41 F4 F2 9C 9E 76 9F 41 21 length of user data 17, user data

    8421 8421
    0101 0101 octet, 0*8+1*4+0*2+1*1=5
    5 5 hex
    16*5+5=85 decimal

    I hope this clears things a bit!
    M, Forum Nokia

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