I try to understand if something like this is possible (i have read some posts about it - something about reconfiguring GPRS settings or using "mrouter" but I'm too new in this field to understand it and jut don't know where to start):

I have written simple database application on my 6310i (midp1.0) using RecordStore as data storage. Now I want to use network connection to sent stored data to my pc. I managed to use HttpConnection with url "http://localhost/saverecord.asp" to connect local IIS server - and it works on the nokia emulator running on the same pc.

No what to do if I want to connect my computer like this but from phone? What URL should I use? I don't want to allow my app to call ISP and access my computer over the internet - I just would like to have some peer-to-peer connection using for example IrDa port.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.