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    Wap borwser and Web Browser differences

    Hi Folks,
    Basically how is the WAP browser different from Web Browser. Which browser resided in Nokia Phones( 6600 and 7650) WAP browser or a normal Web Broweser.
    Can we surf any HTTP site using the WAP browser that is present on the Nokia 6600 and 7650.
    HTTP uses TCP/IP stack and as far as i know WAP uses WAP stack so how come we can view any site using WAP browser.

    Thanks and Regards
    Gaurav Palvia

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    WAP and web are not the same thing. Basically WAP is a subset of web. The opera browser included with 6600 will do web. The built-in browser/services is WAP and will only do WAP.


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    Some S60 browsing basics. Hope this helps.

    The 7650 (S60 0.9) has a WML (WAP) only browser. The 3650 (S60 1.2) has a WML+XHTML browser that uses a WAP access point. The 6600 (S60 2.0) has a WML+XHTML browser that uses an internet access point.

    A WAP access point is an internet access point with the following additional settings: WAP gateway address, start page URL and WTLS (security) setting. Some operators only let you to connect to the WAP gateway if you have a WAP-only plan and use a WAP access point. (With an internet plan they can charge you more.)

    When a WAP access point is used, the browser issues a WSP request to the gateway in order to fetch a page. The gateway then converts the request to HTTP and sends it to the origin server. When you use a non-WAP access point with the browser (S60 2.0 and up), you're sending HTTP requests to the origin server directly.


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