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    Xlets and Series 80 SDK with Personal Profile Plug-in


    I've installed the Series 80 SDK and the Personal Profile Plugin. I've managed to get some Personal Profile applications working using a .j9 file

    Does anyone know if I can run an Xlet in the emulator, and how this is done?


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    Re: Xlets and Series 80 SDK with Personal Profile Plug-in

    Hi Chris,

    I am having a problem. I want to plug in for the option of Video Ringtone in my profile. But i am not getting the entry point. How can i add a option eg: video tone into my profile and phone book. I am thru with the recognizer that will be recognizing the format of my file.Now i need to add the option of selecting the file from profile.

    Any kind of assistance will be highly appriciated.


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