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Thread: Mm7 Vasp

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    Mm7 Vasp

    i installed nokia mobile server 1_3

    then i added an emulator
    Multimedia messaging service center
    Filename: Terminator1
    Name: terminator1
    protocol: mm7
    MMSC type: Terminating
    port: 40200
    logging level debug
    validator default
    store messages : store in db
    ssl enabled false
    ssl certificate false
    then i click create
    and i start it

    i start test in my application (c/c++ code)
    POST /mm7 HTTP/1.0 //here please URI FOR mmsc is it mm7 or what
    SOAPAction: ""
    Content-length: 2131
    Content-type: multipart/related; boundary="---mime-boundary-B076E19F.B217F560---"
    Connection: close

    soap data
    data parts


    can you help me please

    thank you

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    do you find an answer

    could you please explain your problem and if you can find a solution could you please show us the answer..
    we are also trying to send mm7 message to NMSS1.3 emulator but we couldn't understand why it doesn't work?
    do you know what is the main functionality of NMSS1.3 emulator
    regarding to MM7.
    what do you think we can do with this emulator ?thanks in advance.

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    elcinhaktanir please can you contact me on MSN
    my msn is twaeltt@hotmail.com


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