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    DTL-4 BT card and Series 60 emulator


    Is DTL-4 bluetooth card only one that works with Series 60 SDK emulator?

    Must I have extra software for connecting emulator to DTL-4 and where can I found it, if it is needed?

    I have HP XE3 laptop with Win98SE and Series 60 SDK v0.3 CD-ROM ordered from Forum Nokia.

    - Markus -

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    RE: DTL-4 BT card and Series 60 emulator

    Currently the Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-4 is the only Bluetooth unit you can use with the emulator. In future also the Bluetooth Connectivity Kit with adapter (manufactured by Socket Communications) provides a PC Card that can be used.

    The recommended operating system for testing a Bluetooth application on emulator is Win2000.

    Please also note, that we have just released a Series 60 SDK v0.9 for download on Forum Nokia web site!

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    Forum Nokia

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