Hi folks,

I have a working FEP system called KeyStick (keystick.whatnext.biz if you are interested).

I want to extend the functionality and would like to offer a pop up Options menu for settings and so forth. In a normal application this would be easy as it is built into the OS but, as usual, it ain't so easy in a FEP.

My system works by being active (with a visible menu) or not - I would like to be able to have the left Options soft key pop up a menu for my FEP when my menu is visible but do the normal Options menu for the underlying application when it is not.

I have discovered that I can get to a CAknEdwinState object for the FEP and this object has a function MenuBar() which gives me a menu bar which I can then load my menu into using SetMenuTitleResourceId().

Trouble is, this appears to have overwritten the application's options menu so that even when my on-screen menu is gone, the left button still brings up my Options menu.

Has anyone had experience at this? Am I supposed to explicitly build and run my own Menu Pane's or something?

Thanks for any help from any FEPpers out there.