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    BIO message parser on 7650

    Is it possible to implement a BIO message parser on Nokia 7650 just as for the Quartz series. The file editwatc.h that defined the TEdidorParameters structure is not included in the SDK.

    Only the BIOControl mechanism is documented in the SDK.

    Is there a better way to integrate with the messaging architecture on the 7650 I would like to use both MMS, MAIL, IR and SMS...


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    RE: BIO message parser on 7650


    BIO messaging is the best solution to receive messages on multiple bearers. There is an example on the 7650 camera usage in Forum Nokia. The same example (Remote Camera) defines its own BIO message type and launches the camera when that message is received on the phone. This example might help you when writing your own BIO parser on the 7650.

    Ari / Forum Nokia

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