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    VERY interesting discovery about Nokia 6230 RecordStore

    I am developing an applications with rather large persistent storage requirements, about 100 KB.

    All posts on this forum and other documentation yield that the Series 40 platform support only 20KB of RMS storage.

    However, I got suspicious when I tried saving these 100 KB in one RecordStore and discovered the following:

    1) I tried to save 632 records. addRecord() returned RecordStoreFullException after 254 records, and getSize() returned 33 000 bytes. So, the 33KB far exceeds the 20 KB. Also getSizeAvailable() returned 1400 KB, so there should be plenty of space.

    2) 254 is suspiciously close to 255 / 256, so I did the following:

    When addRecord threw a RecordStoreFullException I moved on to a new RecordStore, when this got full I moved on to a third etc. The result was that I could store all 632 records amounting a total of approx 100 KB !

    Thus, in the Nokia 6230, the number of records for each RecordStore seems to be the limit rather than the total amount of data (in the case of many entries, few bytes pr. entry).

    FYI, comments / viewpoints appreciated.


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    Nokia says programms should'nt be larger than 150 KB. We successfully installed a 400 KB programm. The only drawback is that you can't install it with Nokia software - only via OTA ?


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    this seems like a discovery to me as well..coz i was under the impression that there sure is a limit to the RMS size..though it varies from phone to phone..but then i still dont think that the limit would be defined by the number of records..coz it would not be a right indicator to the size of the data..dont u think?

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    Memory limit for RecordStore(s) in 6230

    After experimenting on a 6230, it appears to me that a single RecordStore can grow up to 32kByte, including some 48 byte common metadata plus 16 byte metadata for each record.
    Furthermore memory for data seems to be allocated in chunks of 16 byte each.
    A single record therefore may occupy 16 (no data), 32 (1 to 16 data bytes), 48 or other multiples of 16 byte in a RecordStore.
    The maximum number of records in a single RecordStore then could be (32768-48)/16=2045 (if all records were empty), or (32768-48)/32=1022 (if all records contained 1 to 16 bytes data).

    If a single RecordStore can't hold all the data you want to save, simply open another (with a different name).
    For example, to record some data received continously, start with creating a RecordStore named after System.currentTimeMillis(), fill it until you get a RecordStoreException, create another etc.
    That way I just managed to record a total of more than 1 MByte on a 6230.

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    it's helpful

    Hi Kawk,

    Thanks for your informaiton. they are very helpful.

    I have just met another problem with 6230's RecordStore.
    My each record/object is around 300bytes, and I need to downlaod about at least 200 records averagly.

    My problem is :
    1: the REcordStore.addREcord pops out message as like this: javax.microedition.rms.RecordStoreException: error writing new record data. or *.allocateNewStorage space exception.
    2: the RecordStoreaddRecord() never throw out RecordStoreFullException, even it's over 32kb, and somehow it can grow up to 35kb even with the above 'error writing new record data' exception .

    Appreciate any hints and idea.


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    Re: VERY interesting discovery about Nokia 6230 RecordStore

    Hi to all!

    I think this info will be helpful. This problem found at Nokia 3110c (may be found at another devices). I'm trying to execute method recStore.addRecord(/* ... */), but no data written, and i'm catch exception "RecordStoreException: error writing new record data". I found solve: first, close ALL record stores before open ('n writing to to it) another; second, standard method recStore.closeRecordStore not works properly, its really not closing store at first time, i'm closing my "store" by this method:

    boolean closed = false;
    while (!closed) {
    try {
    catch (RecordStoreNotOpenException e) {
    closed = true;

    so, i spend 4 days to solve problem. With best wishes =)
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