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Thread: Larger canvas?

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    Larger canvas?


    This is maybe not a J2ME issue, but I'd like to make an application that shows a map. The map is a couple of times larger than the 6310 canvas, and my idea is to pick out a small area of the large (map) canvas and show it on the screen. The user is supposed to navigate around in the larger canvas by moving the smaller canvas.

    The technique I'm looking for would in some way be familiar to double buffering, but instead the background canvas would be larger in my case.

    My question is if there is away of defining the size of the new canvas? Or is it unbounded? I haven't tried to implement it myself yet, instead I thought I'd listen to some of your oppinions before I do!

    /Bjarne Johannessen

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    RE: Larger canvas?

    very ez to achieve, theoretically there shoould be no limit on the size of the map, however, I don't know what the maximum image size is for the nokia phones (the siemens phones are limited to 255x255 which adds the complication of tiling the background image)


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