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    Easy way to send sis file to remote phone

    I am looking for a easy way to send a sis file to remote phones.

    a) Use email. Disadvantage: Email must be set up and this is complex thing to inform uneducated users.

    b) MMS. MMS application in phone said unkown file type when trying to send sis file from FeExplorer. Any ideas how to do this?
    ( I am not trying to circumwent DRM, so this should not be the problem? )

    Other ways to send file by MMS without spesific connection from operator.

    c) wap bookmark by SMS. This requires wap settings to be correct (should not be problem).

    Is there any easy way to compose wap bookmark? I am able but not willing to code any binary formats.

    I am taliking aount Series 60 v1 phones.

    (Irda and Bluetooth are easy, but unfortunately only local.)
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    for the mms problem at least you could make your own MMS sender, if I remember right there is a MMS sender example available for os 6.1 in forum nokia, so this option should be very easy to accomplish.


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