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    'Response Unknown' when downloading midlet

    I'm in desperate need of assistance!

    I've been working on a j2me game for my 3510i a couple of weeks now and untill yesterday everything was going just great. I've setup a IIS to upload the midlet to my phone which worked really well.

    But yesterday everything came crashing down. After a debugging session of 5-6 hours using the emulator only, the darn thing suddenly wont download the midlet, it says 'Response Unknown' (btw nokia, good work on the in-depth error messages)

    Here's what I've been doing to try to fix it:

    1) I Googled it for at while, but felt it was a waste of time cause all the 'Response Unknown' problems out there seems to be related to poorly configured webservers. I did find a FAQ though which stated that flushing the cache and resetting the phone (by removing the batteri) might help, so I did just that. No change.

    2) My initial thought was that my midlet suite had become to big for my phone to handle (it's around 62k) so I tried to obfuscate it down to around 51k, but still 'Response Unknown'.

    3) My second thought was that my IIS had been sending my phone bad data, so i made a fresh empty new midlet suite and tried to download it. It downloaded just fine. What I leaned: The IIS was still working fine, and my phone could still download midlets.

    4) From my last test I knew something in my midlet was causing my phone to fail the download, so i tried to remove all classes and resources from the midlet and slowly adding them one-by-one. I learned that when i added the fourth class 'BitmapFont' (which handles my bitmap font) the 'Response Unknown' appeared. Thinking i've found the answers to all my problems i figured "AH! this class has simply been currupted somehow" and i added all resources and all classes BUT BitmapFont and gave it a go. 'Response Unknown'.. there it was.... mocking me. Now I had NO idea what was going on. I removed all classes and resources again starting from scratch. I tried with just my main midlet class: downloaded just fine. Then i tried with just my main midlet class and all resources (we are talking 4 .png's at around 36kb total): 'Response Unknown'. WTF so now my png's are causing 'response unknown' ? I started crying

    I guess my next step would be to make a mew midlet, and slowly adding content from my current midlet. *sigh*

    Any suggestions, ideas or comments are appreciated.

    Note: My midlet has been running on the emulator with no problems all the time.

    Jakob Mulvad Nielsen

    update: It seems my problem is indeed size dependend. I tried making a midlet with only the Midlet class in it. It downloaded just fine. Then i made a small png and added it to the project. Then i made the png bigger and bigger until suddenly i got the 'Response Unknown' error. It seems the error accures when the midlet suite is bigger than 8k, but why!? I've been uploading 60k midlets to my phone with no problems right up until yesterday. I have no other midlets installed on the phone so i can't be a space problem can it?
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    It sounds like a WAP gateway "misbehaving", and not letting you download files bigger than a certain amount. Maybe the connection plan with your operator has a limit on the amount of data you can download per month or something like that.
    Try contacting your network operator (or switching to a SIM card from another operator, or a different plan).


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    Thanks for your reply shmoove. I'll give my operator a call.

    I tried installing an Apache 2 http server to upload the midlet instead of IIS, but the problem is still there. This leads me to believe something is either wrong with my phone or my network provider.

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    I have found the cause to my problem! It seemed my webservers (both the IIS and the Apache) suddenly were unable to uploade files larger than 8k. A very weird problem which i have yet to fix. I tried to use a friends webserver and everything worked just fine. The weird thing was that everything was working fine up until yesterday.
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