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    LBS; Location Based Services

    How can an application provider read positioning information about a mobile user (in the UK)? Is it possible yet?
    I can find no developer information on this subject anywhere on the forum nokia site. The only mention is in a press release about 'mposition'. Is it still easier to plug a GPS module into the phone and get it to SMS the info?

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    RE: LBS; Location Based Services

    I believe there are pros & cons with each system like AGPS where you have to have GPS module plugged into the phone and also with E-OTD.
    I would rather say that right now no one is willing to invest nor take the rsik in a rather stagnant market. Some Operators are making some in-roads like Vodafone tried something of that sort in location based service.
    I am not able to provide you any details on the technology aspect because there is nothing or very unmentionable out there.
    Plugging a phone module is not a big deal but then the manufacturers have to think about people changing phones every 18 months on an average and then the next phone they like may not have GPS module which would result in loosing customers. While this market is really projected as a money-machine I believe everyone is cautious and some really killer services may dictate terms in here.
    Hope that was a bit of an insight though not a complete answer to your question.


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    As a application developer you can use Series60 version 2 feature pack 2. Lbs is included in that release there is also documentation how to retrieve positions.
    But there is only support for having simulated positions, it is not possible yet to use application in mobile, since there is no positioning module installed in a phone.

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