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    Nokia 6600 Themes

    Hi, Would someone please tell me how I can remove Themes from my Nokia 6600 I have looked in the manual, searched File Manager & Manager and there seems to be no mention of themes apart from in the themes folder in the menu and they cannot be removed from there. Thank you.


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    You can go to theme then choose the themes you want to remove then click options then choose delete ( this way only for themes that does not have uninstaller )

    but if you find it in the app manager you can uninstall it from there


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    6600 Themes

    Thankyou for your reply but the ways you have mentioned do not work as there are no delete options in any of the Themes from the Themes folder and the themes are nowhere to be seen in Manager, File Manager or if I explore the phone using the Nokia suite.

    I am sure there must be a way to delete these themes but there is nothing mentioned in the manual. I am not willing to see if after say 10 themes are loaded the phone will not accept anymore and give the option to delete 1 unless someone can tell me that this is the case as they have doe it themselves.



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    Nokia 6600 themes


    First of all answer to ur question , "u can delete the themes".

    But U can't delete the theme
    1) which is set (or in use) at present
    2) and those which come with phone

    rest of themes can be deleted. just select->options->delete (last option in menu).

    ensure that the theme u r deleting is not the present theme of the phone.


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    Theme issue

    Hi Mark6600,

    Did you managed to get rid of the unwanted themes of your phone already? What dotcdotc was saying about pre-installed themes is true. those are "hard-coded" to phone, so you cannot uninstall those..... others, which you are installed later on to your phone, you should be able to uninstall.... if not, then you have issue :-)

    Best Regards,

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