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    User defind Video for emulator/RCameraServ

    Hi all,

    I'm working on an image processing application for my Nokia 6600 using SDK 2.0. The applications is already running fine, but now I want a different video for the RCameraServer on the emulator.

    - Is it possible to recorde a video sequenz with my telephone or a webcam for the emulator?
    - With video-format do I have to choose?
    - Where do I have to put the video on the harddisk, so that the emulator uses it?
    - Is it possible to use a live video from a webcam?

    cheers & thanks in advance


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    Re: User defind Video for emulator/RCameraServ

    Hi geri-m:

    I have the same question, have u got any progress ?
    Does any one have done this before ?



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